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29 May 2007 @ 06:21 pm
If Only (Wizard of Oz)  
Title: If Only
Author: Laurieisme (revolution25)
Fandom: Wizard Of Oz
Rating: R
Spoilers: For the movie.
Summary: Dorothy is doing some self gratification, and someone comes to help.
A/N: Written for mmom. The books have her come back time and time again, so I thought she could come back, but for it to be the movie version.

Dorothy moaned a little, the sound reverberating off the walls of her bedroom. She rubbed her clit again, but moved her hips forward into her hand, causing her to be even louder.

But the one great thing about the bedrooms there, they were either so far away from everything else, or sound proof, so no one could hear her. And part of the fun was being vocal about it, considering on the farm she had to be as quiet as a church mouse.


Dorothy looked quickly over her shoulder, but her own movement against her hand caused to moan loudly again as her eyes met the Scarecrow's.

Without a conversation, or her needing to persuade him, he came over between her thighs and kissed her thoroughly.

Dorothy was surprised to feel his cloth mouth feeling rather erotic on her mouth, making her even more wet than she was before he walked in.

She grinded her hips against his straw structure, and even that felt right.

She looked up at him with frustrated eyes, "I want you inside me."

"I can't do that," he said pointing down to where there was nothing but straw and cloth, "But I can do this."

And with that his face went down her body until his cloth lips met her clit.

"Jiminy Cricket," she jumped involuntarily at the sensation.

His warm wet cloth tongue met her clit, and she was lost. She was panting, moaning, grinding against him, yelling out some obscenity, and soon enough was left limp and sated.

After a while she brought him back up to her face and kissed him deeply.

"If only the scarecrows back in Kansas could do THAT..."
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